Bank Stock Valuations

Bank stock valuations are the only valuations we perform.

We don’t perform valuations for pizza parlors, car dealerships, or office buildings. Banks and banks only. Please view our testimonials here.

Joe Hopkins, the principal of Hopkins & Howard responsible for our valuation practice, has over 35 years of experience serving community banks across the country as a CPA. He worked for nine years in the St. Louis office of KPMG in their bank audit practice prior to founding Hopkins & Howard.

Last year, Hopkins and Howard performed over 125 stock valuations for banks. We have performed valuations for banks from Florida to Washington State and everywhere in between. Our clients range from $25 million rural banks to $1 billion banks in metropolitan areas.

The one thing all our clients have in common is that they are true community banks serving their customers with personalized service. It is this level of service that we strive to provide our banking clients. When you speak with someone in our firm about stock valuations, it will be a senior level professional.

Since 1991, Hopkins and Howard has performed hundreds of stock valuations for banks and bank holding companies across the country. We have performed bank stock valuations for use in bank ESOPs, stock option plans, estate tax returns, internal capital planning, litigation defense and for variety of other uses by banks and their shareholders. The nation-wide practice of Hopkins & Howard, P.C. is among the largest bank-only valuation practices in the United States.

Please view our testimonials here.

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