"We have used Hopkins & Howard for our ESOP valuation for nearly 10 years. Their service level has always met our needs and all reports our been received by us on a timely basis. I appreciate dealing with senior level people at H&H when I contact them."
- CEO - $800 Million Dollar Bank - Colorado

"We have used Hopkins & Howard for our profit sharing and stock option plans valuation since 2005. While our location is certainly far away from theirs, we’ve never had a problem receiving good service when it comes to our stock valuation. Everything is easily handled by phone, Fed Ex or email. It’s like they’re next door as far as we are concerned."
- CFO - $425 Million Dollar Bank - Florida

"We engaged Hopkins & Howard for the initial valuation of KSOP valuation. We didn’t have a great deal of experience in this area, as of KSOP was new, but working with H&H on the valuation aspects of our plan made things go well as we launched our KSOP."
- VP – HR $350 Million Dollar Bank - Texas

"Our relationship with Hopkins & Howard over the last 8 years has met all our valuation needs. We receive our annual report on a very timely basis that meets all of our compliance needs. We never had a problem receiving quality service from H&H during our time working with them."
- CEO – $1 Billion Dollar Bank – North Dakota

We performed over 125 stock valuations last year and will be happy to provide you with list of bankers in your area and of your bank’s profile when we send you more information about our Firm.

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